Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Thursday 20 June 2024

Chris White – Ceramics

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Open during normal bookshop hours
Date: 01/06/2022 - 30/06/2022 | Venue: The Wivenhoe Bookshop
Time: All Day

“The basis of this work is my ongoing exploration into the process of using liquid porcelain to create sheets that I transform into objects.

I work quickly by rolling and tearing the clay, investigating how this building technique affects the porcelain but also discovering the moment when the material no longer allows me to manipulate it in this way.

These recent pieces now include ‘crank’, a more common hand building clay, which due to its different shrinking rate adds to a lack of control in how the finished piece will look.

The forms are reminiscent of functional pots and vases but are really studies of fragility whilst showing the spontaneity that comes with working at speed.”

“Raku Firing highlights the fragility of the work – literally, as some pieces do not survive the rigour of this firing process but also, excitingly, the resulting surfaces are left to chance. This glazing and burning emphasises the delicacy of the work while simultaneously giving each piece a much bolder presence.”

Christopher White
June 2022