Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Tuesday 5 December 2023

June 2021 – Heidi Sharp

Heidi Sharp is an Essex-based multidisciplinary artist who predominantly specialises in illustration, printmaking and painting. Catch her amazing work at the Over the Sofa Gallery until July.


Heidi talks about her work here:

“Interested in the contemporary social mirrors embedded within today’s society, I use social media to feed my inspiration and tend to reflect my themes in a contrastingly physical environment.

My practice explores the themes of social media, consumerism and the sense of self. The growth of social media has impacted our ideas of self-curation, its poignant existence within modern society has adapted our perceptions of common imagery as well as changing how we discover new relationships and maintain existing ones. The overwhelming presence of the internet and all that comes with it is prevalent in defining who we are today and is something I am keen to challenge and comment upon. The inclusion of humour is important in contrasting and coping with the politics challenging our everyday existence. “

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