Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Tuesday 16 July 2024

Feb 2022 – Sara Barker

Sara Barker’s beautiful jewellery will be showing in the gallery for February. She talks about her work, and her inspiration here:

‘My jewellery designs are a direct response to what I see when human objects sit alongside, sometimes clashing, with the natural environment. I seek the textures, shapes and colours created in this meeting point of organic and fabricated.

My walks, sea swims and commute always offer up new and dynamic shapes and colours that I explore via firing vitreous enamels onto silver and copper. As I sketch, I simplify and refine what I have seen, promoting clarity and purity of line to my work. By dispensing with details that do not need to be there, I can concentrate on echoing the forms of the original objects which gives my work its distinctive style.

All pieces are entirely handmade so whilst designs are repeated, they are never identical.’

About the Artist

Sara Barker is the ‘Objects & Space’ coordinator at Colchester School of Art and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally since first graduating in Jewellery Design (BA Hons) 1991 then gaining Distinction for Sculptural Practice (M.A) in 2011. She has lived and made her work in Wivenhoe since 2003.